Additional master nodes

The following section will explain how to join additional master nodes to your k3s deployment.

To run K3s in this mode, you must have an odd number of server nodes.

First of all, you will need to get the cluster token, as explained in the previous section and the master node fqdn.

Deploy k3s to join an existing cluster

curl -sfL | \
    K3S_URL="https://k3s-mstr-01.vlab.lcl:6443" \
    K3S_TOKEN="K10d1...fe537::server:26a92...e34f9" \
    INSTALL_K3S_EXEC="server" \
    sh - --no-deploy=traefik


From the master node or any client device with access to the Kubernetes cluster, ensure that the node is now added to the cluster:

kubectl get nodes

# Output:
NAME          STATUS   ROLES                       AGE     VERSION
k3s-mstr-01   Ready    control-plane,etcd,master   4m25s   v1.20.2+k3s1
k3s-mstr-02   Ready    control-plane,etcd,master   3m33s   v1.20.2+k3s1
k3s-mstr-03   Ready    control-plane,etcd,master   2m27s   v1.20.2+k3s1